i Music Boss' team has been in the entertainment business for over 34 years and we have seen what has been done to the music industry and we would like to make a difference. The music industry has been like "Crop Sharing" in times past, where artist in most cases didn't get paid and always owed the owner of the land in our case the major label. Our desire is for you stay an independent and keep what you earn. Most artist fail for lack of knowledge of the music business and depended on someone else to tell them what is right or wrong.
iMusic Boss helps artists to:
  • Be Educated about the music business
  • Sell more music
  • Turn customers into fans and fans into customers
  • Build a company that will last
  • Show bands where the money is and how to get it to start, manage and grow a indie label!
  • Sell more concert tickets
  • Book your gigs
  • Help you to develop band merch and sell it.
  • Distribution that works.
  • Save money on the products and services to develop, start, and manage a successful label
Starting a music business has never been easier!
STEP 1. Let’s start with the basics… first we’ll setup your
  • Setup your UPC Bar code
  • PHONE, FAX, and VOICEMAIL service.
This will ensure your project is like a fortune 500 record label.
STEP 2. Next we will assist you in setting up your
  • Professional website, shopping cart
  • Merchant account so you can open for business 24hrs a day, and accept credit cards by phone, online, or onsite.
  • Set up your barcode

STEP 3. Next, we will provide you with a

  • Detailed Business plan,
  • Marketing plan- Developing your Electronic Press Kit (EPK), Music Video,
  • Distribution and Sales lead generation system to help your acquire more customers over night and build your brand over time. Get started today and dominate the marketplace tomorrow!
  • Merchandising with our t-shirt program, start selling your band merchandise right away.  

    "The willingness to learn new things is one of the hallmarks of running a successful business and managing professional people. 

*We do all the paperwork for you, but Fees are not included!

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